It’s like the 2.0 version of the John Soane’s Museum around yur tonight.

john soane's museum

the sarcophagus room at the john soane's museum

I have been hoarding. Stashing a little virtual pile, of links and stuff. And now I find myself with a veritable mountain of fast decaying trinkets and delicacies. So, forgive the mess, but my curation style owes much to Soanes himself (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

And so, in no particular order feast your eyes ledd-ees-annnn-gentulmen on…

A post on the Sound off For Justice website, about the limitations of telephone and internet based legal advice.

Another excellent post on the UK Human Rights Blog, this time in relation to the Hirst / Prisoner’s Rights issue.

For those wishing to establish how likely their wedded bliss is to subsist, I present the Divorce Probability Calculator. I am pleased to report there is a low probability of divorce in my own household. Nonetheless the kind people at divorce probability still recommend divorce insurance. Bless ’em (thanks @divorceonlineuk).

Charon QC, David Allen Green and Carl Gardner have cast their third Without Prejudice Pod. Intereshting. At least I think it was, but it was not really compatible with a car containing a baby, a toddler and a husband who hates law.

Also taking it’s inspiration from Soane’s, the new Ministry of Justice website is a hubtastic cornucopia of things you never knew you needed. It does still navigate back to the antique bits of the HMCS (as was) website for many things like forms, with it’s antique information architecture. HMCS is itself history, becoming as of April Fool’s day HMCTS (Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service).

Pink Tape would like to make clear that it in no way endorses the similarly namedĀ Red Tape challenge, which wonder’s innocently whether we really need the silly Equalities Act. Pink Tape is considering whether to launch the Pink Tape Challenge, whose purpose will be to give a prize to the stupidest, most fatuous, time wasting, money wasting, transparently predetermined government consultation, challenge, project, or entity. Frontrunners are likely to be Pickles and May.

A meticulously accurate and balanced piece of reporting from the Daily Mail. Actual judgment transcript here.

Family Law Week reports an interesting adoption / human rights incompatibility case which is pending in the High Court.

In truth, it’s not quite enough for an entire visitor attraction, but it’ll while away a few minutes of idle time.


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