The crumbs from my table…

You’ve not heard much from me lately. That’s not because I don’t love you anymore but rather because I’ve been focusing on other projects. In particular on the redesign and relaunch of the FLBA website with Mike from Straybark*.


Today I am on a return train from Chester to Bristol, watching sheep and pheasants emerge from the mist as I trundle past. Enforced quiet time is rather soothing.


Meanwhile, my “List of Things I Want To Blog About” is getting alarmingly lengthy…


This is partly the fault of the too-excellent FLBA conference, where Anthony Hayden QC made me all re-invigorated on the subject of transparency (although he was in fact rather down on the use of the term “transparency”, but sorry Anthony it’s a useful shorthand) and others made me feel markedly stroppy and outraged at Local Authorities who don’t do quite what they oughta. And in discussions over dinner about Norgrove and assorted other things looming large on the horizon, I found myself offering  the view that whilst the FJR was aspirationally spot on it was pragmatically pie in the sky**. All in all, plenty of food for thought. On which culinary note, I will leave you.



* unashamed plug for Pink Tape spouse and genius of all things interwebby.

** the author accepts no responsibility for views expressed by her whilst viniculturally enhanced, although she reserves the right to claim credit for any such views or ideas generated under such circumstances if in due course they appear to her to be of good quality.



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