Diverse Guidance

The Lord Chief Justice has recently issued guidance on tweeting and other live text based electronic communications in court. It does not exactly give screen blanche to would be tweeters but it does make it theoretically possible – after specific approval has been given. It seems likely that this will be primarily for livev blogging purposes for mainstream journalists. I was reminded slightly late that I had failed to post a link to this guidance when on Boxing Day during a remorseless episode of the post-it note game, my dad thought it would be a good wheeze to give me “Lord Chief Justice” on my forehead. Much hilarity ensued etc. Well, a small amount of hilarity at any rate. Others were largely pop songstrels, idiotic celebs and cartoon megastars – I was a little bit offended to get such a dullard bussman’s post-it.

Guidance of a different sort is provided by the Money Made Clear consumer financial education body – with a recently launched divorce and separation mini-site. Hat tip to family lore.

On a happier – and unconnected – note, Elton John and David Furnish have become daddies. The New Statesman notes the shift in media coverage of this most high profile of gay parents, as does The Guardian. Good luck to ’em – but I wouldn’t fancy a newborn at their age. I’m 36 and completely knackered by my two! I’m hoping to be able to put my feet up by the time I’m Elton’s age (wishful thinking).

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