Down but not out

I’ve been silenced this week on two levels. First by a particularly evil throat bug which has rendered me speechless and unable to eat for several days. And secondly by a hosting switcheroony which took a little longer than planned to pull off (owing to the website guru being redeployed as looker afterer for sick me and 2 sick children), thereby depriving the world of its dose of daily pinkness for two whole days. I gather that the world has kept turning in my absence, but I’m not quite ready to make up for my enforced silence by blathering on in a lengthy post tonight. Too much thinking makes me woozy still. And typing makes my throat hurt.

To those who have emailed me concerned that Pink Tape may have been “brought down” by F4J, presumably in some kind of cyber sabotage – don’t panic. 2 and 2 do not make 5 and such a fate has not befallen me. We’ve just had other things to battle in our germ infested household this week. Pink Tape may be croaky, but it has not croaked.

And to those whose comments were stuck in limbo for a couple of days – my apologies.

And whilst you’re waiting for something more substantial to be posted I will just report that I’ve had a really encouraging response to my post calling for people to tell their stories – as soon as I am able to find the time I will get this rolling.

3 thoughts on “Down but not out

  1. Here’s to a very speedy recovery! If typing makes your throat hurt, are you sure you are doing it correctly?

  2. Hope you feel better soon! 🙂

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