Getting Down to it

Maternity leave is over. It’s a day in chambers gathering my thoughts tomorrow and then a full week of hearings next week.


In some ways I”ll be glad to be back in the swing of things, but I wish it weren’t so soon. However, since we are only able to maintain our lavish lifestyle (joke) if I go back now, there’s no point in worrying about it. I will just have to get back into the mode of squeezing every ounce of loveliness out of my evenings and weekends with my boys.


Somehow I sense blog posts may tail off a little as I find may way back into the rhythm of work and babies.

3 thoughts on “Getting Down to it

  1. Hi Loo,

    Its strange that combo, isnt it, of longing on the one hand to get back into the swing of things but longing just as much, if not MORE so to spend as much time as possible with your sons – and awkward balancing act for women since the dawn of time ( or so it seems), but I have absolutely no doubt WHATSOEVER that you will have it all sorted with considerable panache!! All the VERY best for your upcoming organisational endevaours!!

    • hhhm…not much panache this morning, my first ‘proper’ day back. left 20 minutes late, had to go back home to get laptop and coat (kind of important), and on arrival immediately shut thumb in cupboard making my startup cuppa…still, I don’t seem to have snot or weetabix on my suit so this is progress on last time round…

  2. … ahh but you see, the very fact of NOT having snot/sick/pooh/wee/weetiebix on your suit IS a sign of CONSIDERABLE panache!!

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