Half Yearly Appraisal

Boy 2.0 is now 6 months old and it seems like a long time ago that I poured myself back into a slightly-too-tight suit and dragged my flabby sleep deprived self back to work. I was thinking how the haze is beginning to lift and that sometimes now I have time for hairdryer and breakfast before I leave the house in the morning. However, whilst boy 2.0 is not the extraordinary vomit machine that his elder brother was, this week we have the introduction of solids. I am therefore resigned to prospect of attempting to address the court in a suit encrusted with baby rice and fruit puree for the foreseeable future. Thank goodness that self respect, like sleep, is a dispensable luxury.

One thought on “Half Yearly Appraisal

  1. Julie Haines MF

    As Mum of five children I have sometimes addressed the court with my” little uns” out side the door trying to look in.

    They and their Dad play” Judges” outside the courtroom,

    The oldest two are busy doing important stuff but my 11 year old is nearly old enough to see Mum at the RCJ .

    He tells me that when he is accused of something we only used circumstantial evidence . I tell him we use what we like until he’s 18.

    The fun is just starting, best of luck.

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