Just a Loss of Momentum…

Oh dear. First of all it was busy at work. Then it was because I was getting ready to go on holiday, on holiday, recovering from holiday…and now I’m about to disappear off for another two weeks and not a peep from me on the blog. I have a pile of clippings and things to blog about but simply no time to really get down to anything. It’s partly due to work being in overdrive, and if I’m honest down to an old fashioned loss of momentum: finding time is a chore at the moment. I promise to come back refreshed after my trip to the US and get posting again.

2 thoughts on “Just a Loss of Momentum…

  1. …it happens to us all. Look forward to having you back!

  2. […] the T&Cs.” *** A loss of momentum would have been fatal during the Normandy Landings. Pink Tape, after a short summer break, has too much work on for the present,  but assures us that she will […]

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