Why do Marriages Fall Apart?

I’ve been staring at text all day, so I thought a graphic representation of some dry old figures would be a good idea: Why do Marriages Fall Apart? These stats are for the US rather than the UK, but nonetheless they are instructive, beautiful and Pink. Thankyou @waugaman.

AMENDED 01/02/11: I had neglected to notice that the poor people who worked so hard to put this infographic had been left out of the loop – here is a link to the original, so they can feel some of the glory too.

4 thoughts on “Why do Marriages Fall Apart?

  1. I remember reading a great line about marriage in the James Bond book, Diamonds are Forever:

    “Most marriages don’t add two people together. They subtract one from the other.”

    I don’t know how true that is… but it’s an interesting thought. 🙂

  2. Really? I’m surprised you’re not more of a marriage-cynic working in family law. :p

    But, yes, I agree – I.F. wouldn’t exactly an obvious choice for giving out relationship advice.

    • Actually, being surrounded by damaged and unhappy families and broken relationships really makes you appreciate the value of family and of stability – whatever shape that comes in. I’m married as it happens, but I don’t think that’s the only way to build a family unit.

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