Not Rising to the Challenge

You dare me to publish your comments, but they are full of private information about your child and the proceedings surrounding his care. I could not publish them if I wanted to.

You dare me to publish your comments, but they are full of material that is probably defamatory. I cannot publish them.

You dare me to publish your comments, but they are full of hatred and personal attacks on my professionalism and my parenting. Yet you have never met me. I will not publish them.

To those who dare me, I want to say this and only this, and let this be an end to it:

We all go out to work to earn a living. We all want if we can to be able to strive to help people through our work, even as we earn. I am lucky to be able to do this in my job.

You and I are both parents. I hold that as something we have in common, in spite of the hatred you hold for me.

You seem oblivious to the fact that I am often critical of the system or of social services where warranted, but I don’t criticise parents on this blog – because I know how hard it is to be a parent, even when the courts are not involved. As parents we are one and the same, but I guess not everybody sees it that way.

I accept that in maintaining this blog I become some kind of magnet for the aggrieved, and a proxy for ‘The System’. I want on this blog to listen to all points of view and publish the comments people want to make whether I agree with them or not. But be assured that whilst criticism and different opinions are encouraged, personal attacks will be deleted and your future comments blocked before I even see them. So keep typing if you wish, but I’m afraid I won’t be listening or engaging in a battle with you to justify myself. I’ll be focusing on raising my family and on how I can help other families through my job.
You will not wish it back to me, but best of luck to you all.

3 thoughts on “Not Rising to the Challenge

  1. Elliott_Lancaster

    I (obviously) haven’t seen the post in question but I can easily imagine what it says. Always easy to blame solicitor/barrister/social worker/CAFCASS rather than engaging insight and question why it might be that one finds oneself in such a situation.

    Abuse should never be tolerated. Not in public, not at the workplace, not even on blogs. If the person in question is having to rely on such tactics, it no doubts speaks volumes about their current situation.

  2. Excellent post. This sort of thing is part of the reason that I reluctantly turned on comment moderation on my blog recently.

  3. I’ve just stumbled across your blog am am glad to finally read the opposite end of my spectrum! am still trawling through your older posts, and am saddened to hear fellow bloggers have been pinning you as an escape goat!
    Your doing a great job at bridging the gap of the “alien” solicitor/barrister/social worker/CAFCASS ..on the opposite team! great work keep it up!!
    I hope that blogs like yours and mine will help public services to become more user friendly and allow users to vent in more productive ways like learning to write complaint letters to all relevant, and help to continue growing how social services work. good stuff x

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