Points of note

Pink Tape is a little neglected lately. I have been a busy bee. Observations in brief:

This morning Eric Pickles, Communities and Local Government Secretary told the Today programme that it was no longer viable for Local Authorities to expect to have their own legal departments (they should share them), see report on the BBC website here. Hmmm. Most Local Authority legal departments I work with or for are already drowning under the tsunami of care cases – in respect of which new data is published today – the tide is not turning. I would not relish being a lawyer having to advise two different LAs on two different sets of policies and procedures. No fun at all.

Today is published a recommendation for a strengthened role for the Children’s Commissioner. Have not read it in full but you can do so here.

Tonight is Panorama on Baby P.

H/t to Family Law Week for keeping me up to speed.

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