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Feverish preparation for revamped Pink Tape is underway. If I’m honest, ‘feverish’ may be overstating the pace somewhat, but ‘sluggish’ just doesn’t convey quite the sense of urgency I was hoping for. However, I can say that the previously slothful pace of the revamp is finally picking up and dear readers now is your chance to tell me what the blog doesn’t do but should, and what it does but could do better. Suggestions, observations and requests about content, layout or tech and design features that would help make Pink Tape more useful and user friendly will be gratefully received.


I am also planning to be taking sponsorship / advertising and am presently refining my own thoughts on what the Pink Tape Ad policy should look like – your thoughts on that are also welcome.


I don’t imagine for one minute I’ll have an inbox full of ‘feverishly’ typed emails clamouring to tell me that I should add this widget or remove that tab, but in keeping with the primary objective of all good public consultations, at least when you decide you don’t like the new decor at Pink Tape mark 2 you can’t say you weren’t asked for your input. 😉

5 thoughts on “Public Consultation

  1. i trust that in the finest tradition of public consultations you will consign any feedback to the nearest storm drain and do the contrary of what is suggested.

  2. excellent – you could even jr yourself if you do it properly.

  3. not unless you have something the rest of us don’t! and NO that doesn’t include ‘a good case on the merits’.

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