religious discrimination claim by hairdresser

A muslim hairdresser is suing a salon who refused her employment on the basis of her refusal to uncover her head. See the story in the Standard here.

Not wishing to be flippant about discrimination – but frankly, the barnets of most hairdressers I have ever seen are the primary source of my complete distrust of the whole lot of them. My current hairdresser (who shall remain nameless) looks like the hermit from monty python (but she’s female, clothed and unbearded)…Most often the awfulness of a hairdresser’s own hair is inversely proportionate to his/her ability to work wonders with someone else’s hair (although I have to testify from bitter experience that this is not always so).

Hairdressers have universally bad hair which is either overtreated or cut into ridiculously unwearable styles. The argument that it is a necessary part of the job or the promotion of the salon to display your own fantastic Do is simply daft. Most hairdressers should be made to wear a head covering for reasons of public decency.

So that’s another weighty legal dispute cleared up then.

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