Romance is Not Dead

Look, it was reported in The Times so it can’t be that daft (right?). Plus, it’s got romance, relationships, lawyers and a little bit of local interest (that’s the Bristol Suspension Bridge and Flatholm in the Bristol Channel you can see in the background, and right where he’s lying on the sand, right there, I think my dog did a doo doo last week) – so I’ve really got to post about it. Rude not to.

So the story goes like this: local BBC chap with bad hair and worse pants makes spectacle of himself in dodgy pants in home video and airs it at local cinema as a warm up to his proposal to trainee lawyer girlfriend. Bless her, she said yes. The mind boggles at the thought of what he will be wearing on the day of the nuptials.

View the video here. And lighten up, you have the whole week to get through.

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