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It’s a source of some regret that the searches people perform are increasingly relevant to the actual content on this blog, for this means that the more outlandish and amusing searches are less common. I’m gratified to see a search for “hotty barristers” but sense that this was not one of the searches which found it’s target at Pink Tape.

It’s been a long while since I shared them with you, and in a week where things are a bit heavy professionally, today seems like a good day for a lighter blog post.

There are many unanswered and unanswerable questions, but of course I will try my best:

do you need violence to obtain occupation order

It’s generally preferable to refrain

What is the price of super supreme pizza in doha?


clayton v clayton – does it still apply?

Ah, now I can answer this: Yes, for now.

child observations legal?

Do not under any circumstances look at your children.

how did christopher booker get into journalism?

No comment

top legal aid earners at the bar?

you’re definitely looking in the wrong place

What’s the least contact a court will give grandparents?

Ur, self evidently – none.

what cases are being heard at york crown court next week

There are probably better ways to answer this question than google



Others of note:

househusband emasculated

Seek urgent medical attention

narcissism attorneys in southwest fl.

I’m afraid I’m only qualified to comment on matters within the jurisdiction of England & Wales, where I’m pleased to report that narcissism is alive and well.

transferable skill of bartender

what else did you think I do at weekends?

carry on nudity

pupilage sister p**n

Watching too much Silk?

(and quite a lot of other unmentionably saucy searches)

pink duck tape uk

quack quack

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