Should’ve been a surgeon

Sharp and incisive? I like that. But it is not merely the massaging of my delicate lawyer’s ego contained within it that leads me to commend Charon QC’s Blawg Review #292. It is in other respects quite a tour de force. Some have called it epic, others epicurean: I shall call it…epicacious (a phrase I coined about ooh – ten seconds ago and which is a hybrid of efficacious: successful in producing a desired or intended result and epic: heroic or grand in scale or character).

There is much more in BR 292 than items of interest to family lawyers, but this particular gem did stick out:

After tastelessly tweeting that they could not believe that “Two people bought a #divorce from on Christmas Day”…. these chaps have gone one better and are now having a competition to let people WIN a divorce.

According to the press release it’s all in the best pawsible taste and designed to promote the idea of amicable divorce – can’t argue with that notion I suppose – but whilst it is refreshing to see couples uniting in combat against other unhappy couples instead of being locked in mortal combat against one another I can’t help but think this is a PR exercise that lacks a little – style? Have C4 made a reality TV show out of this yet? If not they will have by the time 2011 is out.

I confess that this post was scheduled to be rather longer but an epic bowl of Tesco’s Finest Devon Toffee and Fudge Icecream has just landed beside me and I’m afraid I must sample it’s epicurean delights before they melt.

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