President’s Interim Guidance Extended Again

I have a stinking cold and I am mortified not to be included in Legal Week’s round up of UK Blawgs, but I soldier on to bring you more news from the world of family law and things that might be tangentially relevant to it. Selfless. But you will have to make do with a mishmash of bits and bobs, it is all my snot-filled head will permit.

So let’s start with the UK Blawgs piece in Legal Week: aside from the notable omission of yours truly 😉 it is actually a pretty good round up of the good stuff that is out there – a few missing blogs are added via the comments. Many of those commenting have noted how invaluable Bailii is to legal bloggers in this jurisdiction – comments I endorse. Inforrm responsible social media blog offers its own take on the topic here and the excellent UK Human Rights Blog do likewise, capitalising quite rightly on their own mention in the original Legal Week piece. Any solicitor, barrister, firm or chambers who is wondering quite why they should be getting to grips with this whole social media / internet phenomenon should read these posts.

Next up is a post from the Feminist Law Profs noting a particularly graphic example of the press focussing on the salacious elements of a sexual crime, whilst quite forgetting it seems the impact of that crime on the victims (or indeed the impact of the coverage of it upon the victims). Do click through to the original news article – I am appalled that the pictures that illustrate this news piece would be published at all, showing as they do the perpetrator wearing underwear belonging to women he had killed and raped. I like to think it wouldn’t happen here (it’s an Australian paper), but maybe this is naive.

Finally, if you have time on your hands read this interesting guest post on Charon QC’s blog about the disenfranchisement of prisoners, along with all (currently) 62 comments. It has generated – ahem – a vigorous debate.

I have some other stuff lined up for this week but cold is not permitting much original thought tonight so it will have to wait…An awful lot to get through this week work wise, so expect it when you see it.

PS Oh, and I’ve just found this interesting post about one family’s experience of the care system.

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