This video is EXCELLENT. Do watch it. And do pass it on. It’s important stuff (but then you know that already). It really does bring home one impact that Ken Clarke’s legal aid cuts will have if implemented. An announcement is expected from the government in the next few weeks, so help spread the word NOW – not jut to lawyers but also to the real human beens whose lives will actually be affected.


  1. […] I would refer you to the post of Lucy Reed on her Pink Tape blog here. […]

  2. Is there not great irony in the fact that the legal industry is now highlighting the difficulties that fathers have maintaining contact after separation, having dismissed the issue for years, in order to preserve its own funding? There is also something strangely evocative in the organisation’s name – ring any bells?

    (P.S. Good luck with the book – I’m assuming it launches at last on Monday)

    • It depends on your perspective I guess. Most of us have been representing fathers for years. Hadn’t twigged with the name. You may be onto something there.
      Am looking at final proof of book as we speak…

  3. ….very hard-hitting and effective….

  4. […] of the public and parliament the reality of what these cuts will mean for ordinary people. Sound off for Justice produced an excellent video campaign featuring a hypothetical private law family dispute (a father seeking contact), but otherwise there […]

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