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A fulsome apology if ever I saw one from Shailesh Vara MP, Minister for Justice, via a written statement to Parliament regarding the calculation error in the MoJ Form E, discovered recently.

The potential numbers affected are significant but not huge in the grand scheme of things (2,235), and the numbers where the outcome was actually affected in any material way are likely to be far less. Nonetheless a stress and a worry for those involved, particularly given the hype about the whole thing.

There is now a dedicated process and form for those who have been potentially affected by the so-called “Form E Fiasco”. The Fiasco even has its own email account :, through which 51 people have enquired about the impact on their case so far. Rumours that it has been asked to host its own reality tv show and design its own line of fashion court attire have not been confirmed.

One thought on “Grovel grovel

  1. Vara quite rightly did not go into the question of what the outcome of any application would be. I think the chips should lie where they fall – if it’s not the loser’s fault it’s not the winner’s either. Especially in cases from 2011!

    Imagine in particular how iniquitous it would be if the party now seeking a better result was and the other party was not legally represented at the time!

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