How’s it going?

Specifically, how are remote hearings going for parents and family members involved in family court cases?

The Transparency Project want to find out.

If you are a parent or family member who has taken part in a remote hearing during the covid-19 outbreak, or if you are someone who has supported them during that hearing, please complete the survey. And please let others know about it by sharing on social media.

In due course the Transparency Project will publish a summary of the survey responses on their website.


Click here to complete the survey!

2 thoughts on “How’s it going?

  1. Retired and out of it. But I would be interested to hear about cases of the sort where If it was in a bricks-and-mortar court one party would be behind a curtain so that the other party could not see her, usually her, but the lawyers and of course the judge could.

    It seems to me that that is impossible on a remote hearing. Everyone can see whoever is on screen and if that bothers her, too bad. He, usually he, is properly there and must be able to hear her; and if that involves him seeing her, well, so be it.

    How is this working out?

    All the best to those struggling to practice. Especially if they have children with other ideas!

  2. I am waiting for a remote hearing and feel it is the way forward. Especially for litigants in person, as less daunting that a hearing in a court room and a more natural environment.

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