I’ve got a little job for you…

This is your homework task. It is due in by SUNDAY.

Over at The Transparency Project the team have been crazy busy what with finishing a mammoth response to the President’s Transparency Review (if there is a prize for the longest I think we’ve won it), and with a whole host of recent posts about appellate and High Court authority about remote hearings (when to do them, how to do them, how not to do them), and various posts about the incidental transparency deficits that Covid-19 is creating. See two posts today about two very different types of transparency gap :

Journalists persuade Judge to change his mind and name criticised local authority


Transparency and risk assessments : A Covid-Catch 22

SO. What do you need to do?

The Transparency Project could do with a wee cash injection (don’t worry I’m not asking you for money though we won’t stop you if you wish to thrust some upon us for our ‘good works’). BUT, there is one way you can help us to raise a bit of cash to keep on ticking over. We don’t need a lot of funds to keep going since we are largely volunteer run, but we do need some funds and to keep replenishing them.

By clicking on the link below you can nominate us to win £1,000. You’ll need to put in our charity registration number (that’s 1161471) and select education as the sector. It’s a lottery, so the more nominations (tickets) we get the better our chances.

Please act now – the deadline is SUNDAY this week!!

Here is the link to the movement for good, nominate a charity page.


Normal blogging service will resume at some point – I am currently too obsessed with gardening and crochet to spend my spare time blogging… perhaps I will convert this to a hobby blog!!

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