The “Secret” Family Court: Fact or Fiction? Free launch webinar

We aren’t being beaten by the stupid corona virus.

The book launch for Clifford Bellamy’s new book might not be able to happen in person, but we’re doing it online anyway!

4pm Next Thursday. Me, Louise Tickle, Clifford Bellamy, Julie Doughty, Sir James Munby, and a virtual glass of wine (possibly a real one just off camera). Self isolation is NO EXCUSE! 🙂

Click on the image to find out more and register.

4 thoughts on “The “Secret” Family Court: Fact or Fiction? Free launch webinar

  1. Thanks for this opportunity Lucy et al. This is very much appreciated. Will it include a Q&A at the end perhaps?

    • yes I think it will be possible to submit questions through the platform which the chair will select and read out.

  2. Pete Burtenshaw

    Wow..what a positive project. I must buy the book..I have so much time for Sir James Mumby. A pioneer and trail blazer with respects the implementation of a more transparent and level playing field with the FC system. Sadly, Guernsey judiciary and FC plus FPAS (our CAFCASS) and Child Services are literally untouchable. Until the UK Parliament or Queen becomes involved the rotten corrupt system and judiciary will continue and the human rights of fathers and children will continue to be ignored..we alienated need HELP from outside but I fear this will never happen..The media here are run by free masons who literally control the judiciary, media and many other areas of life in Guernsey. One question..can questions be levied at the panel via email?

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