Transparency in the Family Courts – Publicity and Privacy in Practice

I’m please to say that the Second Edition of our book Transparency in the Family Court – Publicity and Privacy in Practice is now available for pre-order from Bloomsbury Professional Press for £85. This time around it comes in a fetching shade of pond green.

As you may imagine, there has been quite a lot to update since 2018, including the Transparency Review and its sequelae and various case law developments. It’s a fast moving field at the moment (good news) but Julie, Paul and I have made it as up to date as we could at the cut off date for going to print! The only things it doesn’t capture are two things which happened after the guillotine, are the announcement of exactly which new courts were joining the reporting pilot from Jan 24, and a case called Wong which references (we think) the first example of a prosecution under s97 Children Act 1989 – though even that was discontinued when the Attorney General decided contempt was a better way to proceed.

Order your copy here.


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