I’ve just posted on the Transparency Project site about Poppi Worthington, see here.

Am almost done reading Noel Arnold’s Children & Families Act 2014 – Family Justice Under The New Law (The Law Society, 2014) – so a belated review will follow.

Hoping to publish more soon. In the meantime, two howls of judicial frustration on legal aid and litigants in person may be found in the shape of :

Re D (A Child) [2014] EWFC 39 (31 October 2014)

Re H – see Guardian report here and a draft judgment from August in what appears to be the same case on BAILII here. I’m not quite clear if there is a second judgment which has yet to make it to BAILII.

That’s all from me for now folks…


One thought on “Transparency

  1. hi, I’ve seen a few comments elsewhere on Re D blaming LASPO but I can’t see that the parents here would have got non means tested legal aid before LASPO. So not sure why such a situation has not come to attention of the President before. (And any clue on why he is taking Swindon FC cases?)

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