Research on Litigants in Person

Been meaning to pop a link up to Richard Moorhead’s useful summary of his research on Litigants in Person. In response to the Legal Aid Green Paper, which cites that research, he sets out what the findings were, and the somewhat limited nature of the existing research. Of particular note to readers of this blog will be the final paragraph in which he predicts that the biggest impact of the proposed legal aid cuts insofar as it produces more Litigants in Person and increases the strain on the system will be in the area of family law.

Also of interest is a post on the same blog concerning the stats for family cases in the last 2 years – which in a number of areas show marked decline. My view in a nutshell is that this is a result of many unhappy couples sitting tight during the recession – it has not been a good time to separate and sell the family home and for many divorce and trying to achieve financial independence has simply been too unpalatable. This also probably accounts to some extent for the decline in occupation orders.

Now. Back to the turkey sandwiches.

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