raindrops keep falling on my trainers

Whilst sitting waiting to be called into court this morning in a gloomy conference room at Gloucester County Court today my solicitor and i heard an icecream van outside, jingling its tune. it was playing the tune to ‘raindrops keep falling on my head’. Had the infamous Dr Foster attended there today he would have risked going deeper than his middle ‘cos we have had SOME RAIN today. On my way home from Bristol everything was flooded and my fastest wiper blades were not fast enough.

All of which is a preamble to my pathetic whine about why I didn’t go running today – too flipping wet. MUST MUST MUST go soon though because its now only just over a week to go and I need to rest for the last few days….


Yes I hit the wall at the weekend. I made a sorry sight on the treadmill in our hotel in Winchester, red as a beetroot and having to stop every km for a break. I managed 10k which I was rather disappointed to learn is only 6 miles. But that was the day after a wedding and a fried breakfast. And I don’t think treadmills are an easy place to cover a long distance.


But YESTERDAY I wowed myself. 11 Miles. I forgot to change into my sportsbra and ended up with backache and I had stomach cramps much of the way round (disagreeable sandwich at lunch) and had to stop for an emergency loo break at a garage at 10 miles but I still did it. Sorry for the details but I’m so proud I did it at all let alone when I wasn’t feeling on top form.


However, following that major physical exertion and after being woken every 3 hours by the baby (I KNOW he can go 8 hours but has decided not to) today I have felt utterly pathetic ALL day. Just about recovering now.


Now all I have to do is prep two hearings for tomorrow before bed…

past the half way mark…

after last weeks 7.3 miles I had a very busy week at work and took quite a while to feel fully recovered enough to attempt any further. I managed one three mile run in the week which was really tough. and on friday night when I was due to run at 8pm, instead me and the baby went to bed at 8 and slept through till 6. That’s the first time he’s slept through (repeated last night) and today I went for a run and felt MUCH better – made 8.5 miles, and although I walked the last mile or so I ran 2 45 min stints with only one 2 min walking break in the middle, and I completed the 7.5 miles quicker than last week. Considering how little training I’ve done this week I’m pleased.