Rite me a Pome

HHJ Wildblood QC is holding a poetry competition to raise funds for the PSU / early therapeutic intervention for parents.

I think this is a brilliant idea and will try and enter something myself.

In fact, I am so enthused that I am wondering if I ought to delivery my submissions in rhyming couplets in future…

It is, I suspect, only a matter of time before we get a Local Practice Direction that mandates the delivery of submissions in Haiku format in order to reduce bundles to an easily digestible size and promote clarity of thought.

2 thoughts on “Rite me a Pome

  1. Haiku skellie:

    Ignore all that crap.
    Child belongs with the father*
    Obvious, really.

    * or mother, auntie, council, granny, anything or anybody disyllabic.

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