I stayed up till midnight – can I have a snooze now?

The interminable wait is over. I suppose that means it wasn’t, ultimately interminable. But it was quite long. And the embargo has just expired, so…

BUT. That’s ok because Sir A, the big A, Andy the Great, El Pres etc etc – has come up with the goods.

I am so super pleased I don’t know what to say. Also, I already said it on the Transparency Project blog.

And now I have to go to bed and get some beauty sleep because apparently I might be doing an interview about it tomorrow and my mother will notice if I have bags under my eyes on the telly. She probably won’t notice if my words come out in the wrong order through lack of sleep, but that is a risk if I don’t get some shut eye right now.

Happy reading.

Here it is (or a post about it anyway, the web team at Judiciary have clear had an early bath and are going to put it up in the morning) :

Seeing invisible elephants – the transparency review is published


One thought on “I stayed up till midnight – can I have a snooze now?

  1. I think it’s very positive that there will be mandatory recording of outcomes, the public will at last see what a disaster the Family Court is. However given the strain the court is currently under, the delays and the backlog how can the Family Court possibly find time for all the proposed liaison with local media and inviting MPs to court to understand what they do?

    Unfortunately of all the people consulted, not one parent representative. I think Sir Andrew McFarlane will find journalists are looking for a story which will sell and they will often twist the facts and let balance fall by the wayside to make it more interesting.

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