Meta-Guidance for (family) lawyers

This guidance should not be read in conjunction with any other guidance and is of indeterminate status.

Rules :

1 Do not read any guidance until 48 hours have elapsed from the time of receipt. If during the 48 hour period any superceding, related, overlapping or duplicate guidance arrives in your email inbox or via any other digital or social media platform within the 48 hour ‘quarantine’ window, the clock starts again.

2 Follow good Corona Guidance hygiene. Do not forward any guidance to your colleagues until the 48 hours referred to at 1 have passed without receipt of superceding, related, overlapping or duplicate guidance you may forward the guidance. Remember, corona guidance proliferates exponentially.

3 Corona Guidance is untested and is not yet well understood. Do not assume that the effects of the guidance will be as anticipated from reading the guidance. Different judges will have different reactions to the same guidance, with very different presentations. A loss of a sense of humour is one possible symptom of Corona Guidance overload.

4 For every piece of Corona Guidance received in your inbox it is advised that you carry out one cleansing activity such as : a brisk walk, chugging a glass of wine, or running your head under a cold shower.

5 Keeping a sense of humour is an important defence against Corona Guidance overload. Always attempt to sneak one *tiny* moment of hilarity into each video conference you participate in (this is not difficult).

6 Remember, the Corona Guidance does not care which platform you use to congregate.

7 Remember, the Corona Guidance famdemic will peak and subside at some point. Corona Guidance cannot survive outside a digital environment for more than 7 days.

Keep well, lovely people. And get some sleep.


4 thoughts on “Meta-Guidance for (family) lawyers

  1. PMSL and thank you ?

    And the word is supersede – if only we all still learnt Latin!

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  3. “Always attempt to sneak one *tiny* moment of hilarity into each video conference you participate in (this is not difficult).”

    You might get an idea from this:

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