Of mice and men…

By Anne Worner on flickr (Creative Commons - thanks)

Once again it is Sunday night and it’s a toss up between going to bed at 9pm or staring into the abyss of twitter whilst I should be working…Or knocking up a blog post so I don’t have Monday morning blog-guilt (yes, it’s a thing).

Frankly, twitter is just over for me for the night, now that Secret Barrister has speared Lord Adonis with a coruscating blog post about Adonis’ anti-judge tweets this week. But trusty twitter has thrown up some interesting stuff this week, which I will share with you in lieu of writing anything that would require me to have the attention span of anything more than a gnat.

There is some interesting coverage of Operation Conifer (the Edward Heath investigation carried out by Wiltshire Constabulary). See The Times, but more particularly Matthew Scott in this thread:


I haven’t had time to read the report myself yet, but Matthew Scott’s tweets rather set out what I was worried might be the case.

Elsewhere on twitter I’ve learnt from a preposterously expensive divorce barrister that mice like Nutella, not cheese (See thread).


I think you will agree this is an important nugget of free advice that is not to be scoffed at, and I will store it away for future use (I am especially cheered by the idea that Peter Newman’s skeleton argument for Monday’s important hearing may have a trail of tiny chocolatey footprints across it).

No doubt legal mice of London all squealed at the tweet from A Mr Cheesley (see what I did there?) about making sure your order is sealed. Mr Cheesley is the Tipstaff at the RCJ, so he knows a thing or two. I wonder which little mouse got caught by this particular trap recently? Eek.


What else? A case was published about Deprivation of Liberty authorisations in respect of chlidren not falling under the Court of Protection / any statutory scheme under the MCA / s25 CA. In an exchange on twitter a number of members of the bar popped up to say this was an increasing issue – along with the scarcity of appropriate beds in secure accommodation or elsewhere. See here :


The ALC take Cafcass to task for their guidance on the use of professional time (which I wrote about here). This is what the ALC do best – and it’s given me a strong sense of de javu – it seems that about every two years a pointed letter from the ALC to CAFCASS is published pointing out that the thing they are about to do is a derogation from / dereliction of their statutory duty… It’s becoming almost traditional.

There was a whole host of silly offensive nonsense about marriage and cohabitation arising from things said by assorted men at a Conservative Party fringe event, including this piece setting out the patronising-offensive-and-wrong-in-too-many-ways-to-spell-out views of IDS. Listen women – get on and get married or the blokes will have no option but to resort to virtual objectification for women on the interwebs which will, in turn, force them to behave like sh*ts to their baby mommas. Or something…

Meanwhile, I got a bit cross about adoption evangelism here.

I also got a bit narked at the BBC – having appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire Show which covered the revised PD12J on domestic abuse, a piece later appeared on the topic by one of their team. It was inaccurate and I told them so. They did amend it but it remains wrong in a number of ways. I’ve run out of energy to spell out exactly what my gripes are with it, other than to say the bit about presumptions is just WRONG. I feel like this is a wall against which I don’t really wish to bang my head any more. Here is the revised version.

Woman’s Hour ran an interesting slot on this topic too, which I thought covered the issues in a reasonably balanced and clearer way. But then they had to go and spoil it all with an illiterate tweet with a gavel… Argh…


So. That’s pretty much it folks. Contrary to appearances I haven’t actually spent the entire week on twitter. I have done some real work. Quite a lot in fact. Which is why, yet again I have not had the head space for a meaty blog post.


Feature pic by Anne Worner on flickr (Creative Commons – thanks)

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