Postcard from the blue room…

I’m still here. Hanging on by by fingernails. Or by my ningersnails, as 12 used to cutely say when he was a wee mite.

Been v busy and have stuff coming up. Itching to write a proper blog post.

Here’s one thing I’ve been busy with. Me and my transparency compadres wrote a thing calling for reform of s12 Administration Act 1960 (that’s the thing that stops publication of information about family proceedings). You can read it here.

Also keeping me busy is this (giving oral evidence to the President’s Transparency review). Yikes.

And the Family Justice Council conference on Tuesday.

And the last one of the Bath Publishing webinars on Thursday.

I may need to enrol on some sort of knowing when to say no training course…except I don’t have time.


2 thoughts on “Postcard from the blue room…

  1. Kate Broadhurst

    I’m looking forward to seeing you speaking at the FJC seminar this week! I scored a lucky place! XD XD

  2. If a mother has her baby taken at birth and put into care she cannot protest via the media or in public identifying herself and her grievance.The democratic right to free speech and to protest against a perceived injustice are both taken away under the threat of prison .Surely a case for those interested in “transparency” to investigate and try to resolve??

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