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My favourite unsolicited email this year so far comes from Philip Tinsley III...Sadly I cannot make the emoticons paste in their original format. They added a certain je ne sais quoi... Long may He reign.

Oh, and members of the bar - consider yourselves on notice.

15.01.2016, 06:39, "xxxxxxxx" <xxxxx@BarCouncil.org.uk>:

Dear Philip Tinsley III, House of York, Stuart & Leicester (Lester), and IADT,

Thank you for your email. I have read through the correspondence, and attachments [I will spare you this, it is very lengthy], sent to the Records Office on 4 January 2016, and could not find any references to barristers of England and Wales. Please note that the Bar Council of England and Wales can only assist with matters regarding barristers of England and Wales.
If you would like us to check if someone is a barrister of England and Wales, please provide their name and any other details so that we may check this against our records.
If you believe that you have fallen victim to a scam, you should contact your local police authority. For further advice and information, please visit: Action Fraud, the UK's national fraud and internet crime reporting centre.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me at this office.

Yours Sincerely,

xxxx xxxxxxxx
Records Assistant
The Bar Council


January 15, 2016

TO: Ms. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx, Records Assistant,
Bar Council, UK

FROM: Philip I, King of Virginia and Unofficial King
of Great Britain

Thank you for your kind note ... .

The purpose of Me sending the information to the Bar Council(s) in the UK
was not to have the Bar Council examine any barristers in the UK; it was
only to inform your organization and any barristers that might mistakenly
take a case or lawsuit on behalf of Citibank PLC London, Royal Bank of
Canada London/Reggie Davis, and/or Barclays PLC/Lynsey Burton ... .
Naturally, they cannot defeat the king ... . My great-grandfather, John
Thomas Hewin Sr.*, House of York & Stuart and Spanish nobleman, along
with His son, John Thomas Hewin Jr. and with Lord & Associate Supreme Court
Justice, William O . Douglas, prepared the famous case, Brown v. Board
of Education, 1954, U.S. Supreme Court; They merely allowed Mr. Thurgood
Marshall to litigate it and humiliate the Kansas rednecks. [smiley face emoticon]

I have already filed the pertinent information with the Finanacial Ombudsman
Service/Ms. Billie-Jeana Hannigan and with the ActionFraud Police; you can
wish Me good luck, but I do not think that I am going to need it. [winky emoticon]

Please keep all the information on file at your organization and inform any
young and unseasoned barristers that I am sovereign in the UK. [red faced emoticon]

Enjoy the New Year! [thumbs up emoticon]

Yours Sincerely,
Philip Tinsley III, CC'85, YGS'93, House of
York, Stuart & Leicester (Lester), and former
Registered Representative (Series 7 & 63
licenses), New York, NY [emoticon with sunglasses]

cc: UK Bar Council

*My great-grandfather was the unofficial King of Great Britain from 1950-1952; the
Scone Stones were stolen from Buckingham Palace on His birthday, December 25,
1950, and taken to Scotland (see prophecy about Scottish rule), but late returned to
England ... .


Further information may be found by googling Philip Tinsley III.

I particularly like this one : 06-376C • PHILIP TINSLEY III, v. UNITED STATES OF ... and this one : Another Marvel in the Inbox – - Crossroads - WordPress.com


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