Wellness & Therapeutic Justice

The University of Plymouth are hosting an interesting looking one day conference on Wellness and Therapeutic Justice on 16 April, which some readers may be interested in attending.

Programme of Events:

Time Speaker
10.30 10.45 Penelope Welbourne & Dr. Anna Kawalek
10:45 12:15 Professor David Wexler (Honorary President of the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence.)
12:15 12:45 Dr. John Stannard “Taking care of the losers in legal cases: the rhetoric of winners, losers and thecourts”
12:45 13:30 RLB Foyer Lunch Provided
13:30 14:00 Professor Nicola Glover-Thomas “Therapeutic jurisprudence and the evolution of mental healthtribunals”
14:00 14:30 Amber Turner “The Lawyer As A Therapeutic Agent”
14:30 15:00 Professor Joanna Shapland “Restorative justice and therapeutic justice -towards the samegoals?”
15:00 16:00 Round Table Discussion

The event is very reasonably priced at £50.00.

Further details can be found on the University website here.



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