You’ve been quiet lately

Yes. Yes I have been very quiet.

I was going to break my silence with a proper blog, but I'm nodding off into my laptop, and have 3% battery left (the laptop not me). I've been off work for a week (bar one sneaky hearing on Thursday) and it has been lovely. Cleaning house, painting doors, gardening, spending time with family and cooking a massive leg of lamb for my parents 75th today (they have consecutive birthdays - sweet!).

So actually, my breather from work has refreshed my perspective : I'd really like to write a blog post, but in fact I'd like to catch up on some kip and get myself ready to face the return to work even more. And I'd like another week off from work even more than that...

Night night.

Be well. x

2 thoughts on “You’ve been quiet lately

  1. Glad you’ve had a lovely week and some great quality family time!

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