Reporting the Family Courts – Are we doing it justice?

STOP! Don’t answer that question….well, not yet anyway. Come to The Transparency Project’s debate on the topic on 5 April, with a super line up of esteemed persons (and myself) – and tell us what you think then. Details below.

I warn you, I hit publish on the event last night and within less than 24 hours almost half the tix have been snaffled, so get yours now while stocks last! (should I have booked a bigger room?)…

Reporting the Family Courts – Are we doing it justice?

A collaborative discussion between those working in and reporting on the family justice system

This event, hosted by The Transparency Project to coincide with the publication of our Media Guide for journalists, aims to promote cross-silo discussion about the reporting of family courts and how we might improve it.

  • What are the barriers to good reporting?
  • What are the risks to vulnerable children or adults?
  • What does good practice (for lawyers, social workers, judges and journalists) look like?
  • How can the family courts and professionals in family justice work collaboratively with the media to enable public debate whilst protecting privacy?

The event will be chaired by Jo Delahunty QC, Gresham Professor of Law, and will take the format of a panel discussion followed by questions and contributions from the floor. Panellists will include :

The Honourable Mr Justice Peter Jackson 

Sanchia Berg (BBC)

Brian Farmer (Press Association)

Dave Hill (immediate past Chair Association of Directors of Children’s Services)

Will Moy (Director, Full Fact)

Gill Phillips (Director of Editorial Legal Services, Guardian News & Media)

Lucy Reed (Barrister, Chair The Transparency Project)

Debbie Singleton (Co-Chair, Association of Lawyers for Children)

I know, right? It’s gonna be so ACE! Here’s the link for booking your ticket : BOOK ME BABY!

4 thoughts on “Reporting the Family Courts – Are we doing it justice?

  1. Dr Girish Vaidya

    I am afraid I can’t attend the event. However, having had experience of the Family Courts, the consequences of which led me to offer myself as an expert witness, makes me think that there is more to this than simply reporting.
    My area of expertise and experience is that of ADHD and I am often struck with how often opportunities to identify it (alongside Autism Spectrum Disorder) are missed!! The blame is squarely attributed to ‘parenting’ and ‘attachment’ when in fact the truth is probably lurking somewhere else.
    Anyway, thanks for you blog. Makes interesting reading. Happy to connect and explore how we can jointly improve the outcomes for the court mediated split for families. I don’t ‘blame’ anyone, just am aware that innocent lives are getting lost in the process – in a slightly state sponsored way.
    Perhaps I am not too dramatic in saying that there is a hidden scandal in not diagnosing ADHD / ASD in children and young people that pushes them into the Care System.
    (stumbled on your blog through Scott Baldwin on Linkedin)

  2. A mother has her baby taken from her at birth and she is jailed if she publicly protests and reveals her name or that of the baby on the grounds that the baby’s privacy would be breached! What blatant hypocrisy………..
    That did not apply to Dr Katie McCann when hen daughter was kidnapped in Portugal some years ago ;Only when social workers legally kidnap children from law abiding citizens does the gagging of all concerned in the court process become a top priority !

    • Can you refer us to the case where a mother was jailed for protesting about her child being taken by anyone, or revealing her name? I’ve never seen that reported.

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