When accountability and privacy collide…

The Transparency Project (which I chair) are facilitating a debate on 5 December in Bristol looking at the question of whether privacy should trump accountability. It’s taken quite a lot of effort to pull together, but I think you’ll agree the line up is pretty sooper, and I hope that this – together with some enthusiastic audience participation – will make for a rounded and useful discussion of what is quite a chunky topic.

We have HHJ Wildblood QC in the chair, with a panel of :

  • The Honourable Mr Justice Baker,
  • Louise Tickle (freelance journalist),
  • Gretchen Precey (NAGALRO Chair),
  • Andrew Pack (Suesspicious Minds blog, local authority lawyer),
  • Sophie Ayers (Independent Social Worker (formerly in statutory services))
  • Callum May (BBC News Producer)
  • Hannah Markham QC (barrister)

Since I hit publish on the Eventbrite booking page we’ve had 60 odd bookings, so it looks like it has generated some real interest. Everyone with an interest in the topic (even if you have no particular expertise or experience) is welcome.

Book tickets here. And if you can – please donate a little.



Feature picture : Bart Maguire on Flickr (Creative Commons – thanks!)

2 thoughts on “When accountability and privacy collide…

  1. Sadly….. but not unexpectedly…… if we attended and described our experiences in 16 hearings in the family court before 13 different judges and of the 10 done as LIP before a solicitor….. and, the subsequent multiple complaints which we had upheld against the local LA we’d seriously risk getting arrested for breaking family court secrecy as the child is still under 18…..so…… gonna have to pass on it I’m afraid Louise……

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